The White Orchid Market Experience

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Welcome to Mt. Dora!

In the quaint, little town of Mount Dora, FL you will find The White Orchid Market. We are a sweet, welcoming little shop at the end of the main street. When you enter “our little piece of heaven” you will find lush green houseplants, beautiful home décor and many wonderful gifts for everyone on your list. You will even probably find something you can’t live without!  We are more than happy to help you find that perfect gift or create a gift basket with a bit of a notice.

 We also hold fun events and workshops from macrame’ to watercolor painting to creating beautiful floral arrangements. We figure anything that gets you out of the house to have a glass of wine with friends is fun.

We love our regular customers and truly enjoy meeting new ones. So be sure to swing by whether your just in town for lunch or on a little vacation. We would love to say hello!

Meet The Owners

Alicia is a third-generation plant enthusiast and a native Floridian living in the Mount Dora area since the early 90s. She inherited the family plant business when her father passed in 2016. She dreamt of one day opening a retail shop in Mount Dora providing beautiful, tropical house plants to her community. In 2019 that dream came true with the opening of the marketplace, a multi-vender market in the heart of downtown. It was there that Alicia and Cheri’s paths would cross and a friendship would quickly blossom. Cheri had relocated to the area in 2019, all the way from Oregon, in search of warm, sunny days! In April of 2021, The White Orchid was fortunate to open in their current store front on Donnelly Street. As Alicia and Cheri’s friendship grew, it only felt natural to bring Cheri in as a partner in July 2022. With her keen eye for home décor and her warm inviting personality, it was a perfect fit! This is where The White Orchid Market’s story began. The shop continues to offer lush house plants but also a nice mixture of home décor and gift items. To put it in their words “pretty much anything that makes us happy.” They are excited to offer an eclectic mix of “All things Happy & Beautiful.”

Only Minutes From Orlando and Orange County!

Now, consider this: imagine escaping the usual bustle of Orlando for a day. A short, scenic trip brings you to the peaceful town of Mt Dora, a place known for its beautiful historical sites and natural vistas. You spend your day strolling through our botanical paradise, your senses awash with the rich scents of tropical plants. Afterward, you unwind by the tranquil lake, dine in a local eatery serving delightful cuisine, and immerse yourself in the local arts scene. All in one day.

So, why not make the trip? We even cater to tourists who fall in love with our plants and want to take home a piece of Florida’s natural beauty. Our nationwide shipping ensures that you can enjoy your new green friend, no matter where you live.