Mixology Pineapple Mango Cocktail Mix Shots


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How cute are these! Wine slush mixes in shot form! 6"tubes. These can actually be made virgin (use juice & water) or mixed with seltzer and a shot of rum, vodka, gin or whiskey.
20 dry mixes
Raspberry Chai- raspberry wine or blush
Green Apple- white wine
Cherry Vanilla- white or red wine
Cranberry Orange Mimosa- champagne or white wine
Mojito- white wine or white rum
Black Cherry Pomegranate- red or white wine
Strawberry Margarita- dry white wine
Blackberry Merlot Mix- merlot or malbec
Peach Bellini Mix- add champagne
Raspberry Rosé Mix- add rosé wine
Pineapple Mango Mix- add a crisp white wine
Strawberry Sangria Mix- add red or white sangria
Prickly Pear Margarita- add tequila and pear juice or white wine
Watermelon Lime- white wine
Orange Creamsicle- champagne or white wine
Strawberry Peach Cosmopolitan- white wine
Pina Colada- champagne or white wine
Blueberry Lavender Lemonade- white wine
Hot Chocolatini- vodka, rum
Coconut Mojito- white wine or rum