Gluten Free Fusilloni Giganti by La Fabbrica della Pasta


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Gluten Free Fusilloni Giganti are oversized fusilli noodles, as fun to eat as they are to prepare! Serve with your favorite homemade or store-bought pasta sauce. La Fabbrica della Pasta is the first pasta factory in the world to make a bronze-drawn, artisanal pasta of Gragnano, that is completely gluten free. Made with the best rice and corn flour available and local spring water, bronze-drawn and slow-dried at a low temperature, this is true artisanal pasta from Gragnano. It has wonderful flavor and bite, maintaining its firmness after cooking. Use as you would any quality dry pasta. All of La Fabbrica della Pasta's gluten free products are made with special care in a separate, completely gluten-free facility to protect from any cross contamination.

Net weight: 500 g/1.1 lb

Ingredients: corn flour, rice flour, water