Booty Resistance Bands


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The Myga Glute Resistance Bands are designed with flexible material which is thick and extra durable. Nonslip and no roll design. Use the Booty Bands for a leaner waistline, sexier butt shape, slimmer legs, and perfect calves. Work your muscles throughout your body including your shoulders, back, hamstrings, thighs, abs, and glutes.

You can do almost any exercise that you would do with weights using these bands. Whether you are recovering from an injury or wish to target a particular muscle, these yoga bands will help you on every step of the way to sculpt and tone your muscles.

Specification of each band: 8cm height, 30cm width and 3mm thickness.
Material: Polyester 50% Latex yarn 50%
Features: Contains 3x Buildable Resistance Bands 18kg, 30kg and 45kg Crafted with durable woven fabric that is comfortable on the skin Nonslip design that helps prevent roll ups Packaging: Our products are consciously packed using ecofriendly material without plastic.