11” Honeycomb Plant Trellis


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11"X6" including stakes.

Inside honeycomb diameter approx. 1" these styles are good for smaller leaves. (string of hearts, string of pearls, string of dolphins, string of bananas, small hoyas, etc…).

Here at PlantsNsht, we make each plant accessory from hand, to order. Please expect a 2-4 week waiting time before your order ships and plan accordingly.

Sealed vs unsealed trellis stakes. What is the difference?

• Sealed stakes are “sealed” by being dipped in non-toxic shellac to help resist moisture from being in soil.

• Unleaded trellis stakes are left untreated. I strongly recommend that you or your customers seal the stakes or wrap them in a plastic barrier before adding them to a pot and not allow water or any moisture to sit on them because OVER TIME THE EXPOSURE TO MOISTURE MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE STAKES.

Every trellis comes with a tag with care instructions on the back and a recommendation to seal the stakes if the trellis is purchased unsealed.